Keyboard with Left Cntl & Fn swapped

Is it possible to get a US standard keyboard with the left Cntl and Fn keys reversed (you know, like good keyboards, eg Thinkpads). These keys can be swapped in the BIOS which is great, but it drives me nuts having the wrong lettering on them.

If not can we add it as a feature request? I doubt it would be a massive manufacturing challenge to offer this.


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Honestly, I think this is really unlikely. Framework uses the standard arrangement, used seemingly everywhere beside Thinkpads. And Framework currently offers 13 different keyboard languages. They wouldn’t want to bump that to 26 in order to also have swapped Ctrl / Fn. There are costs involved in stocking and fulfilling additional items.

You could get decals for Ctrl and Fn.

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The thinkpad keyboards are good despite that not because of it XD.

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I appears like Lenovo is releasing the 12th Gen X1 Carbon with a “ctrl+fn” setup instead of “fn-ctrl”, just like the Z series has already. I’d imagine T/X series following next generation.

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