Keys f1 to f12 not correctly working on manjaro

my keys f1 to f12 are not working for shortcuts with alt for example the good old alt + f4
shortcut does not work ( and yeah it is configured in KWin ) does anyone know how to solve this ? Or did anybody else encounter this error ?

Hi @Kalinux,

My name is Matt Hartley and I’m the brand new Linux Support Lead for Framework. So with that, sorry for the lengthy delay as I just started here.

  • Is this still an issue?
  • 11th gen or 12th gen?
  • Which distro and release version (if not rolling).
  • Has a live USB version of said distro been tested?

Hello Matt the delay is no big problem : ) but the problems are still there
My CPU is the 12th gen intel i5-1240p
I use Manjaro with the Kernel being the Linux Kernel 5.15.76-1
and thanks for your respons and help ^^

This may sound like a silly question, but are you holding down the Fn key to switch the function keys from brightness/media control/volume to F1F12? Are you using Fn Lock?


This one?

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DHowett thanks for the advice i had the fn key auto configured on fkeyslast
solved the problem thanks for your help guys ; )

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Thanks for the help @DHowett, I appreciate it!

Looks like @Kalinux has you all squared away and back to where things are working.

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