Kudos to Framework

I have a batch 2 DIY Framework laptop. I have had issues with my USB-A ports for some time but since I don’t use that port too often, I didn’t think much of it and never tried to nail down the issue. Right along the time my warranty expired, I ran into a post here that mirrored my problems and I decided to start digging. The problem was one of intermittent recognition of USB external storage drives. At the time, I was trying to back up my computer to an USB3 drive. Sometimes it would be recognized the drive, other times it would not (under Ubuntu in case it matters). While not a show stopper, it got to be really annoying.
As it turned out, by the time I filed the warranty request, I was 9 days past the official warranty period (12 months for Canada). When it was discovered that I was past the warranty, Framework declined to cover the replacement of the motherboard. I was pretty choked because this particular issue has been seen before and was fixed in later batches so it wasn’t a situation of the computer failing after the warranty period but rather that I had just not discovered the failure in time and Framework had not issued a recall (understandable because it would be a pretty costly undertaking).
Anyway, long story made short, I asked for a review of the decision to decline the warranty claim and Framework did (IMHO) the right thing and came through with a reversal of their decision.
I have now replaced the motherboard (going from rev 1.0 to rev 1A board and the issue seems to be completely resolved. I did run into an issue with a flaky screen connector but with some prodding it all worked out.
I would like to express kudos to the Framework team for doing the right thing! Although my opinion of Framework was starting to get pretty low after the initial warranty rejection, I am firmly back in the “Go Framework” cheering squad based on how the matter was resolved.
I am also happy to report that I have just placed an order for a 12th gen laptop (my third Framework laptop) based on how my interaction with tech support worked out.
I am expecting shipment in October and am looking forward to the new laptop that will be replacing an older ASUS laptop.


Didn’t even know that exist…transparency out the window…unlike the early days. Or is this purely due to the codec change?..and has nothing to do with the USB-A issue of the OP? Is the OP’s experience with the USB-A purely coincidental?

I wonder what changed between 1.0 and 1A…(assuming this “intermittent recognition of USB” isn’t the only issue that triggered a board revision). i.e. What other issues have we not been informed about?

@Jens, with the 1A board, do you experience worse audio with the headphone jack than rev 1.0? e.g. power clicks and hiss.

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I have no clue what the difference is between rev 1.0 and 1A. For that matter, I don’t even know if rev 1A is the latest (I would hope so). I also don’t know what you are going on about in regards to the codec.
I do know that my batch 2 Framework had the USB-A issue, my batch 3 Framework does not seem to have the issue. I also know that other Framework owners have reported the issue and a replacement motherboard was the fix that worked.
In retrospect, the issue was not limited to USB3 storage devices because I also had times when my USB2 printer was not recognized. With the intermittent nature of the fault, it wasn’t until I tried to back up the computer with an external USB drive that I realized I had an issue.
I have no idea if the change between rev 1.0 and 1A is major or just a minor fix - I would think the latter but who knows.
Transparency is not an issue here, you can’t expect any minor change to result in a major announcement or even recall. What you CAN and SHOULD expect is that for a design/manufacturing problem such as this, which Framework is aware of and it isn’t a ‘one of’ type thing, saying that ‘it is a few days past your warranty and you are out of luck’ should never even be thought about, never mind actually telling this to the customer that supported them early on. Every product has hickups in the beginning and that goes double for a complex product such as a computer. I don’t mind saying that I got VERY hot under the collar when the warranty was denied in the beginning. Fortunately for both Framework and myself, cooler heads prevailed.
I really like the way that Framework has been designed and the overall concept. When I received my first Framework and realized that the case screws were captive, it blew my mind. It is a teeny tiny thing but to me it signaled that Framework didn’t just slap something together but that everything had a purpose that was well thought out. It instilled all kinds of confidence in my decision to go with Framework. You read that right, 5 bloody screws told me I did the right thing buying this computer. Of course there were more design choices that said ‘we care about what we build’.
I would have not been happy to look for a new supplier had Framework not come through. Luckily they did come through and I placed an order for another Framework computer.
As to your audio issue, I do not use headphones nor do I play music. I limit my audio experience to the occasional utube video and power clicks and hissing would not be obvious even if it jumped out and bit me …


Yeah, I assumed that as the hardware doesn’t care about the USB3 / 2 device type…that’s the job of the OS instead (or BIOS during POST). (notice I didn’t quote “storage” in my post above)

Specifically (as an example): PSA: Double check the Touchpad side of your Touchpad Cable after opening your system - #5 by nrp

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