Laptop does not wake up anymore when connecting power with the lid closed

I use my laptop as a desktop most of the time. That means external monitor + lid closed. When I disconnect my laptop with the lid closed, or just simply turn off my entire setup with the power switch on my plugbar, my laptop goes to sleep. But after reconnecting power the laptop stays off until I reach over and hold the lid open for a few seconds. That’s annoying because my Laptop is tucked away under my desk. In the past this used to work just fine. But a few weeks ago(?) it stopped.

Question: Is this a change in the BIOS or something I have to re-enable in Fedora 40?

“Boot on power” is enabled and plugging in power will boot my machine.

So it’s not supposed to wakeup when you plugin a power adapter. The fact that it worked before was a bug.
This is this behavior you now describe is very likely because of platform/x86/amd/pmc: Extend Framework 13 quirk to more BIOSes · torvalds/linux@f609e7b (

If you want to disable the workaround there is a module parameter for amd-pmc you can put on your kernel command line amd_pmc.disable_workarounds=1.

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