Laptop is suddenly super slow

As the title says, my laptop is running very slow. Even with nothing open, its framerate is choppy at best, and it takes almost three times as long to open or load apps. When in an app, framerate is abysmal. Things to note are that I’ve tried scanning it from two different sources, and it’s also up to date with windows updates. Another thing is that the GPU maxes out completely when opening any and all apps, no matter how small they are, and the fans never come on at all even though they used to when using some apps.

Thanks for the input in advance, I hope something works

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If it seems related to charge, this is probably what your looking for:

It’s a well-known and described issue, and I’ve been told they are working on it! For the meantime, I’ve just been unplugging the machine when it gets to 84%ish charge and it goes back up to speed.

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You didn’t mention what OS you are on.

My system did the exact same thing the other day.

I’m running W/10 and yep… Later it offered an update.

I have found that Microsoft constantly using massive resources in the background and not telling me is often the case of the slowing down I experience on occasion.

However, do look at the power / charge level vs clock mentioned too.

Not just windows, this is affecting me on Ubuntu 21. Haven’t been able to pin down the issue yet.

Any luck? I am running both Ubuntu 21 and windows 10, after a strange crash this morning where the system simply just shut off without freezing up or error messages, now my system is running at a crawl. I’ve run S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics on my drive, everything was fine, ran the Intel CPU diagnostics utility, everything came back normal, currently running a ram test but that’s going to take ages I’m sure. As for modules, I only have USB c and USB a ports, I imagine those are mostly just passthrough cards. I feel like it’s got to be a CPU fault because drawing of things on the screen is super slow. I can watch the lines in the grub boot menu get drawn. Any help would be appreciated!

I figured out that it was the CPU, ran a benchmark and it came back at around 25% of what the cpu is supposed to work at. I decided to just throw in the towel and turn it off. 14 hours later with the laptop being off and now when I turned it on it’s suddenly back working at the speed I remember. I wonder if a resetable fuse got triggered yesterday and reset with the downtime. I’m certainly going to be watching things but I thought I’d post my follow up.

same problem, I observed the CPU was at 0.4 GHz as described here Clock stuck at .39Ghz
got CPU temperature readings from realtemp at ~50deg C

Fixed by replacing the thermal paste and removing dust, following the guide in Heatsink and Fan Replacement Guide - Framework Guides now the CPU is quick again and is at around 50 to 60