Laptop keyboard Flaw or design? Help please

HI All, Hope you and yours keeping safe and well.
Newbie and looking for some help straightaway ! Or pointing in the right direction.
I have a build ‘by others’ on which the (top right) ‘-’ key can take multiple presses to respond. I queried it to which hey said would replace the keyboard so I sent it back but now they are saying (which I am not sure is fair or flaw) and just wanted some experienced opinion. This is the third bespoke I have had issues with and now considering perhaps building my own.

"Thank you for being so patient as we investigated the issue you reported with your laptop’s ‘-’ key.

I’ve had a look at your keyboard, and I can confirm that the activation membrane under the ‘-’ key is intact and fully functional.

It’s important to note that this particular model’s design features an offset placement of the activation membrane, which is positioned towards the left side under the key. This design means pressing firmly near the centre or left side of the ‘-’ key to ensure optimal responsiveness. I’ve checked another 2x Stratos-17 chassis that we’ve been building, and I can confirm that the “-” keys on these other chassis are the same.

We understand that this design may feel different from other keyboards and appreciate this might have been unexpected. Please rest assured, this characteristic is consistent across this model and is by design rather than a flaw or defect."

Thank you in advance of any assistance.

I have never had an issue with this key, and the way it works seems pretty straight forward. There is nothing about that key that is unique to it versus other keys on the keyboard.

I would encourage you to work with the customer support personnel to resolve this, as I am not sure there is anything we, as the community, can do to help you. I think I understand what you are asking as well, but there is a chance i have not understood.

Doesn’t look like you are talking about the Framework laptop.

Looks more like

and you could be just asking tto . . . . ?

Is this the laptop you have?

This forum is primarily for Framework brand products. You’ll have better luck in a forum that focuses on laptops like yours.

Thanks you so much for engaging.
No it is not a Framework, and yes that is the laptop I am referring to. I was just looking to see if their rationale made technical sense or waffle from people experience in such things as can not find any technical guidance online.
Having use Laptops for over twenty years and always having ‘build by others’ the last three have been fraught with issues/returns so now am thinking maybe I go build my own with a forum of support like Framework.
If their rational makes sense then maybe I am being unreasonable in my expectations. If it is self interest waffle trying to fob me off then maybe I go Framework.
Apologies if I have misused this forum.

This is the key next to the zero key, correct?
Honestly, sounds like a design flaw to me. I’m used to keys working however you happen to press them. But maybe I’m spoiled by the laptops I’ve had using well-made keyboards.

Opps, I see your question is “flaw or design”, sounds like it may be both. By design, and the design is flawed / wrong.

Thanks MJ1
Uppermost Right key next to the ‘+’ and above the ‘*’
I have used keyboards since a Sinclair ZX80 and never had to worry about hitting one key ‘carefully’ at 200 keystrokes per minute’ either. Looks like I have a battle on my hands.
THanks you again.

I should mention that Framework is not perfect. I’m guessing you’d be looking at the Framework Laptop 16. It hasn’t been without issues. Look at some reviews. There are ones from professional reviewers and also a thread of user reviews here. Many are quite happy with it, I think. But some have issues currently. Also, I think some came in expecting a flawless level of aesthetic appearance that 16 is not yet able to meet, due to the current touchpad spacers. There are some tradeoffs for an easily reconfigurable, repairable, upgradeable 16" laptop.

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