Laptop Rubber Foot Pad

I contacted framework when one of my foot pads fell off and they told me that there was no way that they could send me just a foot pad alone. Instead I would have to buy the entire bottom cover kit. I understand that filling these sorts of niche requests may be a pain for framework but I feel as though this is a huge waste, so I made a foot pad in CAD and I figured that if I had this problem someone else might. Please note this is only the smaller foot. I may make the longer foot pad if someone needs it. For now, I hope that someone finds this useful.

FrameworkLaptopFoot.stl (8.1 KB)


Great work, thanks for sharing. This is the way forward, independent creation of 3rd party parts.

Was the laptop out of warranty? How come they asked you to buy it?

Also nice work with the stl.

Yeah, I got the laptop just over a year ago. Besides, I know that I knocked it off. I don’t really feel the need to get a brand new bottom cover just for a little rubber foot. I have no idea whether they would have sent me a new one, but it seems a waste. I figure it’s better to just print the part instead.

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Here’s a more accurate representation, also a mould to cast feet from rubber compound. I intended to use gray Sugru, you need to let it harden slightly before filling the mould, otherwise it will be too sticky. It forms a nice firm silicone rubber when it goes off.

framework feet.stl (548.1 KB)