Laptop Stickers

I will once I have it!


I have my chosen stickers ready to go but haven’t been able to commit yet.

I have to say that I find it a bit triggering when folks apply stickers oriented “up” when the lid is closed, but “upside down” when the lid is opened. My wife does this and I haven’t been able to convince her otherwise yet.


Well are the stickers for your pleasure or to show off to others. It sounds like they are for her enjoyment not other folks😉

This reminds me of the toilet paper war that has raged on for decades…



Slapped some stickers I’ve had for a while on the lid the other day. I also put a little glow-tape on the two keys that turn on the keyboard backlight. Makes them easier to find in the dark (when they are most sought after).


I have always been torn on this. On the one hand, I love personalizing my stuff, but there is also a lot to appreciate with a sleek finish. Then today I realized I still had some stickersheets left over from making some Ghostbuster’s props for Halloween. and I think I found a happy middleground.

I decided to keep the look of the laptop lid, slapped one on the power adapter,

I put some on my bezel,

And one underneath the battery, just as a fun easter-egg. :smiley:


Make your own Framework stickers

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My humble lid currently looks like this. The bomb squadron is one I redid based on my grandpa’s unit patch in WWII.


I posted this on Reddit already, but I’ll share it here too! These are stickers I’ve been collecting over time.


Got a cool sticker today, it would allow me to show my love of camping and camping gear, but my Framework is so nice and clean…?

Also not sure my laptop is #built4abuse!

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I have a vertical Spyro the dragon sticker that’s been on every laptop I’ve ever owned (and a printer for a good few years). it’s currently on my hp and I’ve made the difficult decision that it will not be coming off, because I’m not sure it will survive another removal. I’ve had it probably coming up for 20 years now and I believe I found it on the ground somewhere to start with, so I don’t think its done too badly, but ive not yet found a replacement.

I think all I’m going to do with Framework is a Funtoo 5 legged wolf in the middle of the gear, and maybe a dbrand.