Laptop suddenly shutdown mid-use

Hey peeps! I had a scare with my laptop and wanted to know if anyone had experienced the same issue before. I have seen another post about a shutdown on the laptop, but unfortunately with no results.

Before I start, here’s the spiel:

  • I was running Windows 11 Home 22H2 on my nvme drive when this happened
  • I own a 12 gen DIY model

I had nothing magnetic near the laptop and it’s in pretty good condition, besides the power button having no light around the square (it does rarely flicker on, but then proceeds to go back to being dead. It was slightly annoying but never hurt its functional use, so I let it be).

Today I was just doing an all-nighter prep for an exam and my laptop decided to instantly cut off mid-video and shutdown. I was plugged into a dongle connected to a monitor, not sure if that matters. My usb-c charger was plugged into the unit when this happened and battery was maxed out, so I am confident power (or at least battery charge) was not the issue. Regardless, I tried holding the power button but the laptop refused to turn back on and instead decided to spit out a bunch of colors on the right-side light. It would flash from green to white to orange (and likely red) to… blue. I did not memorize the particular order or number of times each color flashed, so I decided to look up the post codes for the 12 gen diy online on my phone. The light order didn’t really match properly. However, when I hit the power button again to check the light order in more detail, the computer powered up like it was business as usual. I took a quick trip to the event logger, which unfortunately gave only just the standard “critical event id 41” and “error id 6008”.

Does anyone know what happened? Small things like the power button not lighting up (or flickering in/out of existance) or the wifi card not being recognized in fedora until after couple reboots each time i need to use the os (I resolved this by using ubuntu and making a defined connection in the connection manager) had bothered me for a while now. I believe a while ago back in 2022, a similar power-off issue with the lights also occurred but I thought of it as a freak issue and left it be.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks for taking time out of your day to read this wall of text!

Hi and welcome to the forum, but I’m not of any other use :slight_smile:

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Definitely do a support ticket since you are still under warranty. Parts being flaky can easily be indicative of more serious issues.

You’re not the first. Contact FW Support…they know more than we do here regarding this:

I had this exact issue a few weeks ago on my gen 11 running windows 10. I agree with the past comments, contact support so they can continue to track this issue. I will say that I have not seen this happen since, so it seems very infrequent, but the more Framework can investigate the issue, the more likely they can find a root cause and fix for it.

I will say that it only happened that one time for me (~1.5 years ago).

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