Laser etching the lid logo instead of the plastic inlay?

I’m not sure where to post this suggestion, so I’ll drop it here in case anyone wants to pick it up.

I was wondering if there has been any discussion around manufacturing the the lid and maybe having the next iteration utilising a laser etched logo instead of the plastic inlay.

I feel this would look very sharp and also simplify (I have no idea) manufacturing, removing the need for additional cuts and plastic parts.

I can’t see this discussed anywhere from my searching, but I have come across others adding designs to their lids via laser etching.

Just throwing this out there as an idea as I feel it would look gorgeous.


It could be that laser etching and then ‘anodising’ the logo to ‘black’ would be prohibitively expensive relative to a bit of plastic.

Small changes can be expensive.

Did you see


I did indeed see that. Lovely idea.
And fair points about the etching and anodising. I guess all the major brands would do it if it was the cheaper option.