LCD backlight often stays on after locking laptop

Hi all,

I have an issue with my Framework laptop and I’m hoping your combined knowledge could help me shed some light on this.

Often the LCD backlight stays on after locking the laptop or when closing the display. The contents of the screen change to black as expected but the famous purple IPS glow is clearly visible. At night this is bright enough to light up the room. And of course this kills battery life.

At first I thought it might be connected to the USB-C dock that I use (Caldigit USB-C SOHO dock), but it happens both with or without it being connected. Also having the charger cable connected or not makes no difference.

What is especially weird to me is how irregular it is. Sometimes the backlight switches off as expected. Sometimes it stays on no matter what I do. Sometimes it switches off at first but when I come back later it’s on.

Some background information:
Laptop: Framework batch 8. 1135G7 CPU
BIOS: 3.09, but also happens on 3.07
OS: Pop!_OS 22.04. Running Wayland, but besides that no big modifications

Do you guys have any ideas on how to solve this?

Following, I have this issue on my desktop with GDM/Gnome on Arch
I got into the habit of turning off my monitors but I suppose that’s not much of an option on a laptop

Just a quick update for future reference:

Since a week or so I haven’t noticed this issue anymore. It could be that it solved itself, or that the issue is still there but I just haven’t noticed it.

Possible reasons I can think of that maybe fixed it for me:

  • An update to Pop!_OS
  • Bios 3.10
  • I also switched monitor around the same time (old one is HP LP2475w, new one is LG 34WP85C. Both connected to USB-C). I doubt this was the culprit since the issue also occurred without any monitor attached.