LED Sequence - VCCIN_AUX

What does this LED sequence mean for the 12th Gen? The Power Button doesn’t light up, and the side LED flashes:

1 Green
2 Green
3 Red
4 Green
5 Green
6 Green
7 Green
8 Green
9 Red
10 Red
11 Green
12 Green
13 Orange
14 Green
15 Green
16 Green
17 Green
18 Green
19 Green
20 Green
21 Green
Blink Description
White Start of diagnosis
3 Red/Green Power Good VCCIN_AUX
9 Red/Green Fan detected and spins up
10 Red/Green CPU reached S0 state

We read that guide, but it doesn’t tell what to do. The power button doesn’t light up; we removed and reattached the touchpad cable.

The first red LED from that table is “VCCIN_AUX”

How long have you had it? Was it previously working?
I’d contact support.

I see only a couple other forum threads that mention an VCCIN_AUX error, but they don’t seem to have anything that might apply to you. I see from your other thread that you have a 12th Gen, so the CMOS battery issue mentioned in one thread should not be your issue.

You could try resetting your mainboard anyway. It seems to help sometimes with random issues.

If you do, be very careful with the coin cell battery, I understand the holder can break if too much force is used.