Legs in expansion bay to raise the laptop at eye level

I was searching for a laptop stand for my framework 16 (no, I haven’t received yet, I’m batch 15), and though: what about retractable foots as an expansion bay?

Like many keyboards have small foldable “foots”, I think of “long” (~20cm) legs, one for both sides, allowing the laptop to “stand” with the screen nicely raised at eye level.

I’ve considered designing legs that could be installed in the expansion card slots but I can’t think of any good designs that won’t be too wide when folded away yet stable enough when extended. I think it’s more than possible, though.

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Maybe they could be “folded” under the laptop, hidden near the small riser foot already installed on the underside of the dGPU module? This way it won’t stick out more than the module already does.

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Don’t give me any ideas… Ha ha!