Lid close not going to sleep properly

Hi everyone, I have the Framework 13 AMD with Windows 10 installed and have a bit of an issue. When I close the lid, on battery, then open it after a time, I’ve noticed the lock screen flashes for a second then disappears. Then the PC goes into a sleep mode with the screen and keyboard going dark. So it seems to not be going to sleep properly. Also, the battery drains significantly while asleep and I think my bluetooth ear buds connected to the laptop this morning when it was in the laptop bag. Any thoughts?

It may be because you’re using Windows 10 which is not officially supported on the AMD Framework. On Windows 11, my AMD Framework goes to sleep properly when closing the screen and only loses about 1% every hour of sleep.


Bloody hell, thats probably it. Thank you!

Ok, so I went to see if I could just upgrade to Windows 11 and it says incompatible because of TPM 2.0 missing. Of course it is turned on and working just fine in the BIOS. Why the disconnect?

Are you using the Windows upgrade tool? It may not be working as TPM is tied to Pluton which doesn’t have Windows 10 drivers. Try wiping the drive and using the Windows 11 installer on a USB stick.

Right. I was hoping to avoid something like that as I only have a Windows 10 license from vip-scdkey, and was looking to get the free upgrade. Thank you though, I really appreciate the help!

Should still be able to activate Windows 11 with it

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