Lid hits table when open past 45 degrees, normal?

Does your laptop display hit the table when rotating the lid past 45 degrees?

Forum search showed framework laptops ship with curved frames (discussion). But mine contacts the table when opening past 45 degrees.

  • Framework Laptop 13, 12th gen Intel
  • Never dropped or impacted
  • Almost entirely for stationary desk usage

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Mine hits the surface as well. I notice it a lot when i place the laptop down on a surface when it’s open since the screen falls down and scrapes whatever surface it’s on

That’s “opened” to 135 degrees. “Past” 45 would mean anything beyond 45 degrees (between 45 and 180).

And yes, it’s a thing on the FL13 chassis. Hence my opinion that this isn’t quite a mature / polished product. I added some thicker feet. Hopefully future revisions will address this.


Same for me - I don’t like it but I’ve seen this on other laptops from established brands too.

mine doesn’t do this, do you have the older lid (non-machined)?

Are you sure it’s actually touching? Mine reeeeally looks so, but actually doesn’t.
FW13 delivered last week.

P.S.: that’s 135° (90+45) opening angle.