Lid magnets coming off

The magnets on the CNC lid of my 12-th gen FW13, the ones that hold on the bezel, are gradually all coming off.
Each time I play with the bezel, removing it and putting it back, new magnets are ripped out of the lid.
Now all but one of the magnets of the sides (left and right) of the lid are gone, and two at the bottom on the left are gone. Magnets at the very top are OK.

Has that happened to anyone else?

I still have all of the magnets that came off, I just need a good way to put them back.
Anyone can suggest how to do that? Should I use some kind of glue? What kind?

I appreciate any of your feedback.

(I think that could have something to do with temperature changes, as I went through a very hot summer in Japan, and then now I’m in a very cold winter in Finland. But the magnets had already started to come off while I was still in Japan.)

Someone mentioned epoxy on another thread with the hinges coming off the cover plate, I assume the same can be applied here?


@mrwm Thanks! Will try!!

On mine, it seems to be an issue on the side and bottom parts of the bezel. I’ve personally used double sided acrylic tape on all the magnets that popped lose. Specifically, I’ve used T-Rex “super glue tape” from Walmart, as it seems to be really similar to tapes used by other laptop OEMs. Never have a magnet popped loose after I taped it.

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@Arch Also a good option!!
Compared to the epoxy glue, wouldn’t the tape add an extra thickness that could be undesirable?

Not at all. The tape is the same exact thickness as OE tape used on the magnets. Sorry for late reply.

Thanks! Though, what do you mean by “OE” tape? I even tried to ask ChatGPT lol.

OK found it! Stands for “original equipment”. Hah, I learned something.

To be fair, I hadn’t noticed that there originally was tape to hold the magnets!