Limited use of expansion card space

Why do the USB-C, USB-A, and the SD card module all only have one port? There is enough room for each of them to have more than one. There could be two USB-C ports, or two USB-C ports, or multiple SD card slots including a mini and a full size.

Similarly, there isn’t an option for a mix between the USB ports. A C and A combo on a single exp card. It seems like an inefficient use of space. Is there an internal circuitry or PCB limitation or just a design choice? If so, that would mean someone could create one of these better cards.

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Discussion regarding this can be found here.

What new Expansion Card types do you want to see released? - Creators & Developers - Framework Community

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USB-C Has a DP Carry through reason, you just can’t fit 2 USB-A I believe from what I can see on my expansion card.

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You clearly haven’t read topics on this before you asked :slight_smile:

Framework has explained the problem of getting two USB C ports in the card let alone other combinations.

The problem being not the space you see on the outside but the space inside for the small pcb boards. Even two USB C ports with pcb’s can’t fit. Apparenly no one make a pcb with 2 USB C at one end and one at the other. It takes even more fiddly engineering, but they are trying.

Don’t give up yet :slight_smile:

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To complete dual type C you will require a one or two chip solution which is currently impossible. It is possible but not in the current form factor.