Linus' experience with Ubuntu

Forget about the hardware…just look at the user experience inside Ubuntu.

Really got some polishing to do…

(Not necessarily Ubuntu’s issue…but things overall, just not smooth, together)

One thing to note here is that Linus does mention they are using a custom Ubuntu install. I’d put the ‘jankiness’ down to the company when they set up.

While I concur that Ubuntu does have some way to go (Ditching Snaps, for example). Credit where credit is due the new LTS is more accessible to older hardware. I can actually comfortably run it on my i3-5005U 4GB RAM X540LA where previous to J Jellyfish it was sluggish and all round 'orrible.

For those who are genuinely interested in learning more about Linux, I highly recommend a publication that I am also subbed to called Linux Format.

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Linus’ video is terrible to show actual experience using ubuntu. It is cut to shreds (the video segments I mean), the continuity is lost all the time. The laptop is open with all the bits hanging out.

Ubuntu works fine. As does most user friendly linux. Yes there are definitely problems and work needs to go into them to fix and improve but this video is not one to use as a reference.


At least acknowledge that this is confusing:

For one, the OOTB icon label truncation length…that’s rather short. GUI design.

Next, OOTB, between “Software, Ubuntu Software, Software & Up…, and Software Updater”… Did no one from the UI team review this labeling / wording mess?

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As an advanced user of computers (I even have the ‘Drivers Licence’ for it, look it up, its class). I cannot provide an unbiased opionion on this.

It looks fine to me, as I know I need not concern myself with any of it bar the “Ubuntu Software” even then, I don’t concern myself with it on a common basis anyway.

I load the OS and “It Just Works”.

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I used to be a user of ubuntu and I can positively say it was not confusing at all. It really just took about half a minute to get used to it. Also looks like some of that comes from their custom Ubuntu version.

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Linus posts dramatic things like this for the clicks. It does not reflect reality any more than his recent Framework mainboard upgrade video does.

Confusing custom Ubuntu builds are confusing. So - don’t use confusing custom builds?

Ubuntu just works and is quite easy to use. The average user would not see what Linus is seeing. But of course that’s not in the video because it’s not dramatic, is it?

Don’t know what a software package does? Click on it and find out.

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…and here lies the issue with why Linux adoption has always been slow on the desktop. The inertia to be better even when there’s an opportunity to do so.

(For background, I’ve been a Linux user since 97, and RHCE…mostly useless for what I do these days)

Agree. I take the video from the perspective of what he sees on the screen…not of how he acts / reacts.

I tend to agree on this statement alone. However, from a design perspective, customization behaviour / features should have a framework / subsystem that is “resilient to breakage” as a design requirement as well. The ability to prohibit poor customization parameters. This concept isn’t too different than in the physical world…robustness.

If you have a FloatPlane account, you can watch the entire video with only 2 cuts to block password info. Yes the cuts on the published one are hard, but I can see why. They were trying hard not to be Brutal as yeah, the company that sent it in was foolish to have not sent a windows machine, which they also provide.