Linux audio compatibility in dual boot with windows

What exactly would happen if Linux Audio Compatibility were set to Linux and one were to dual-boot into Windows?
Just idle curiosity, in my personal use case sound quality is of very little importance.
Since this is a community forum, I don’t expect a definitive answer but it might be obvious to someone, I have far too little understanding of speakers and their drivers to even guess.

No idea, no one has received an FW16 yet.

Yes, of course. I was simply curious and wondered if maybe it was obvious to someone. In the guide, the setting does something along the lines of “Apply speaker EQ settings in the audio verb table for driverless speaker config”, which is pretty much a dark magic incantation for me.

Linux Audio Compatibility? Where did you see that? Is it a setting in the BIOS?

Yeah, it’s apparently a BIOS setting. Obviously it’s speculation since the laptops aren’t here yet. I found it in the framework guide on installing Ubuntu. It’s dated December 28th so I neglected to specify the link but now I think it was just made public a few hours ago:

I think you can add a comment on that step and see if anyone at Framework will respond.

Now that the FW16 has released, can anyone at Framework answer this?

For someone who dual boots, how does this setting affect the audio when boot in the opposite OS?


They answered it in another thread

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