Linux Distro Survey - Framework Laptop 16

I started using debian 12 on FW16, but switched to Manjaro a time ago. And are very happy with this switch. Manjaro is very stable, up to date, and FrameWork friendly. Even a Manjaro FrameWork splash screen.
Gnome as desktop. Loving it.
Linux FW16 6.9.5-1-MANJARO

Was a PopOS user (even owned a System76 Galago Pro GALP5), and loved it. However, they are seeming to stray away from the pure “stock” Gnome so I ended up on Fedora and now loving that. So it was a very pleasant surprise to see Framework officially support Fedora.

Been using Fedora since version 34 (well, at least mid-cycle, since 35 came out not too long after).

Yes. It is all linked to RedHat and I essentially used CentOS in the past :wink: Reason I mentioned that instead of Fedora

I clicked KDE plasma in the survey because the distro I use all the time is KDE Neon, which runs the Plasma desktop. I have it set up for the HWE kernel, which means right now I’m running vmlinuz-6.5.0-44-generic.

I also have two other distros that I dip into now and then:

  • Linux Mint, also HWE, and running the vmlinuz-6.5.0-41-generic kernel.

  • KaOS, a rolling distro that also runs Plasma. I can’t check the kernel version at the moment , because I’m not running it right now and its kernel does not include the version number in its filename. However, there’s a new update available today which will include a 6.9.9 kernel.

Using LMDE and loving it.