Linux: Increase max two/three finger click separation distance

I have Ubuntu 22.04 installed and Mouse Click Emulation (Fingers) checked in Gnome Tweaks which lets you right-click by pressing with two fingers and middle click with three. For a while it seemed right/middle click was inconsistent, but turns out if my fingers are just too far apart it will only register as a single click. I’m not sure if this is a Linux or Framework touchpad issue, but does anyone know how to increase this distance threshold?

After doing some quick testing on my own Framework Laptop running windows, I can get 2 and 3 finger clicks to register even when intentionally spreading my fingers pretty far apart. The only time it didn’t work was when I tried two finger clicks with my fingers spread to opposite sides of the trackpad. This is just a sample size of 1, but it would make me assume this may be a software issue as opposed to a hardware issue.

This is an all Linux problem. The trackpad reports the position of your fingers through drivers built into the kernel, Linux then determines what to do with that.