Linux video and walkthrough

I’m very interested in the laptop and want to support repairable devices. As a full-time Linux user is often unclear how well a device will work with Linux. In particular screen resolutions and sleeping are issues of continual problems.

In spite of the Intel processor I’d be very excited to pre-order a laptop if there’s more information published about how well the laptop runs Linux. Maybe an engineer who uses Linux could post a video walkthrough?

I’m sure there are many others in my position who are waiting to pull the trigger until they understand better how this laptop works with Linux distributions.

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Generally, I use Ubuntu for work and Arch Linux for personal use. So, I hope they release these guides for this kind of OSes

I will be first testing Pop!_OS for a short period on my Framework Laptop with i7-1185g7, and then I’ll be using Fedora as a daily driver. I can update here if you’d like. I’m algamer on twitter if you wish to follow along.

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Mine should be arriving here in the first batch. I plan on installing arch linux as well as javascript, python, and golang tooling. I can post an update if those tools interest you. I also plan to compare its performance with my work mbp 16” in terms of thunderbolt docking and connection to 3 displays at high res and high refresh rates.

Hi, I also would be interested to know if this laptop supports Linux and has the Linux drivers for all the necessary components. Thanks !

It does support Linux. The driver for the fingerprint reader is however not yet included in most stable distros, so you might have to wait a bit or find a workaround (see: Fedora 34 on the Framework Laptop
Ubuntu 21.04 on the Framework Laptop)