Local Pickup for Batch 4 @ Rockaway, NJ

I don’t have much faith in FedEx.
Can I do a local pickup in Rockaway, NJ?
I am not too far away.


Honestly wished I asked for this back in Batch 3. I could have driven there too lol

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I, too, would appreciate being able to do this. I live in Utica, NY, and taking a road trip to pick up my laptop sounds a lot more fun than waiting for and dealing with shippers.

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Wow! That’s gonna be quite a road trip if local pick-up is available.

Mine will probably ship in December, at which point my family will have two cars again (my dad has been working in Albany while the fab is built here, leaving us with his first-gen Leaf) so I’m dying to take a long road trip and get good winter driving miles in, and picking up my college laptop while I’m still living on this side of the country seems like an awesome way to do that.

Hope you have fun. Personally, I still don’t know how many years of school I got left.

TBH, neither do I. If I’m able to do school full-time (stock market willing, I’ll be able to live off of savings of a few years) and max out my credits per semester, and take a summer semester every year, then I can get from 1 semester of college credits to my Doctorate (with my Bachelor’s and Master’s on the way) before I turn 26, which is my goal, but a lot of little miracles will have to occur for that to happen. No matter what ends up happening, I’m gonna be streched to my limit for a number of years (and that’s how I like it), but I can’t afford computer downtime to hold me up, so I feel like framework is an inevitable choice, and I’m so so so glad it exists. Doing my first semester on a $300 Chromebook with sideloaded Linux apps tested my patience more than I expected.

What are you working on a Doctorate in (if you don’t mind me asking)?

It’s complicated.

First I’m doing my prereqs at the community college to save time and money,
then I’m transferring to the university (ASU) to do a 4+1 Bachelor’s and Master’s, which I can do in 2-3 years maxixng out credits and semesters.

Bachelor’s in Computer Systems Engineering (Designing both hardware and software to solve a problem)

Master’s in Robotics and Autonomous Systems with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence (taking the above hardware and roboticizing it, and the above software and implementing machine learning);

then Transferring to thier honor’s college (Barrett) for my Doctorate in Human Systems engineering (taking the above, and making it play well with and be ergonomic and non-anxiety-inducing for humans)

Heaven help me, I love this psychotic plan waaay too much.
(Also, sorry admins for going so far off-topic)


I’d also be down for a Rockaway pickup! Sometimes our delivery drivers completely ignore the delivery lockers in our apartment basement and just leave packages on a shelf, so if I could just make the 45 min drive to Rockaway myself that’d be rad.

Apologies, but our warehousing partner doesn’t allow randos from the internet to show up at the door :sweat_smile:


I shall embrace my randomness. Now, I just have to decide on the distribution and wait for FedEx :weary:

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I’m just in Edison and thought the same thing but only after I received it and saw where it came from. Oh well, it arrived with no damage!

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@nrp makes sense :sweat_smile: thanks!