Long Term Reliability Check

Prompted by a new sound coming from the left side of my touchpad when simply moving my finger over it, I wanted to start this thread to document the long term durability of individual laptop components. To be fair to the track pad, this is occurring after three years of near daily use. The keyboard in contrast, despite being used orders of magnitude more often, is still going strong without any issues and the keys still feel good.

Might be worth trying to disassemble and reassemble the trackpad


Definitely something I’m going to try but given it’s my daily I want to wait for a replacement to arrive first in case I put in put the ass in disassemble.

I’m using a 11th gen batch-1 13in, upgraded to AMD:

  • I’ve dropped it a few times, so I bent the top cover (slightly) and replaced it with the CNCed one.
  • Given the drops, one of the plastic screw-holes on my top-cover is broken (due to the bottom-cover deforming). But that doesn’t appear to cause any real issues (slight drop in rigidity).
  • I have a few pits in the aluminum of the top-plate where I rest my hands.
  • The plastic on some of my keys is slightly abraded.
  • The hard plastic and rubberized plastic rim of my bezel is slightly separated in one corner (not noticeable unless I play with it).

I guess my one wish would be: stronger materials/construction, even if that means more screws (and even if that means visible screws e.g., in the bezel).