Looking for WiFi router recommendations

I have a Framework laptop on the way with a Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 (no-pro).

Does anyone have some recommendations for a FAST WiFi router that would take advantage of the full speed of the AX210?

I’m just using my ISP’s router currently.

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Assuming your ISP router is actually one of those modem/router combos, then you’re best bet is to buy both a separate modem and router to get the speeds advertised on the wifi card.
For routers the Archer AX50 has done great for me. Modems I’m not too sure about, just make sure it has the speeds you want. From a quick search a Netgear CM1200 seems to be a good fit.
Also, how fast is your internet? Doesn’t make much sense to buy all this gear if you’re not getting gigabit+ speeds from your ISP.
Edit: You can definitely buy faster routers, just suggested one I’ve used that doesn’t seem to break the bank with good speeds.

Something to note, if I’m not mistaken, right now the AX210 drivers aren’t quite up to stated speed, they’ll be a little slower than something likea slightly older AX201. My guess is that’ll change as the new card gets more work done by Intel, but I’m not an expert on this.

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I bought an Asus AC1900 router and a Netgear CM1200 about a year ago when I realized it made more sense than paying RCN to rent their probably worse equipment.

I feel pretty good the CM1200 will last a while as I think it’s rated to 2 Gbps and I don’t think ISPs will get there by the time these two things finish paying for themselves.

The Asus I can’t say if it’s fast enough for you, but it’s doing me fine, so if there’s a faster Asus you’re looking at I can say I’m happy with the one I have.

Another reason that led me to get an ASUS router is their AIMesh (or whatever it’s called) system. Basically once I want to upgrade for whatever reason, I can keep my old router and use it as a node for a home mesh system. Kind of nice knowing the older router will have some longer legs on its lifespan.

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My wired connection is 1Gbps up and down

I have a separate fiber modem then the Telus WiFi router that looks like a garbage can.


A model like this one. I’ve tested lots of different routers over the last years and this is one of the fastest ones with the longest ranges.

I test products for amazon through a program called Vine, so I have tested almost every router that has come to market in the past 2 years from big brands to little brands (minus ASUS, for some reason I haven’t tested ASUS).

Personally I use a Mikrotik HAP and then use the one I linked as my access point.

I also have a Netgear router, the AC1750. It’s WIFI 5 but it goes on sale more often, and it works really well

@Jimster480 Have you looked at GL.iNet? At one point the GL-AR750S-Ext was on sale for pretty cheap and I was considering it.

I’m curious about its performance - I like the size and what appears to be the open nature. I didn’t get one - a nicer WiFi card fell into my lap and scratched that itch for a while. I’m considering upgrading my network to honor the new arrival…

I had one of their models to test before, but I gave it to a friend to test since I was overloaded with other ones to test.
Nothing beats Mikrotik IMHO; they have an actual open OS that gets regular updates and their routers can be modular, expandable, some have SFP now… the performance is incredible.
IF you are going to have one device; then invest in Mikrotik.