Looking to make 17.3" laptop using the 7840u mainboard with ASUS Chromebook chassis

To start I’ve been looking for a 17" laptop that comes with the 780m iGPU for light/medium gaming while at work while being able to use it for work. I would be using the an ASUS 17.3" Chromebook that has at least 1920x1080 display for as cheap as possible, the framework 13 mainboard with the 85Wh battery from the framework 16. What I now need help with is finding what parts are compatible.
Keyboard, Track pad, Speakers, Wifi, and Charging

This type of laptop would normally cost 1100+ but building it this way the cost would be under 900.

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I don’t believe this is possible.

Firstly I’m pretty sure the FW16 battery is incompatible with the FW13 mainboards due to a mix of different connectors, and bios support (i.e. the 61Wh battery required a bios update to work properly on older 13 boards, I would imagine a larger battery to be similar)

You’ll also need to find a compatible display as the cables can vary wildly, and those things are also very specific to each computer.

As for charging and Wi-Fi compatibility, charging works via USB-PD so any 65W charger that supports USB-PD would probably serve fine there. Also Wi-Fi support includes the RZ616 card as recommended (and used) by AMD and FW, and Intel’s AX210 card (community tested).

I don’t know enough about the other parts, but maybe you could find some information on Framework’s GitHub but again I don’t know how successful this endeavour would end up being.