Looking to trade AMD 7640u+$ for 7840u

I know I’m most likely barking up the wrong tree here, so thanks in advance for reading this post.

I bought the Ryzen 5 7640u and now I’ve decided that I really wish I had bought the 7840u. Unfortunately I’m past the return period window so I’m looking to see if there is someone out there wants to trade their 7840u for my 7640u and some cash seeing as how the 7840u is more expensive. I know this is a long shot but never hurts to ask.

Considering other aspects of the computer are customizable, would you be open to just swapping mainboards? For instance, not sure I’d want to do the swap, but I have a dbrand skin on top and a clear keyboard with custom labels. So for someone like me, it would have to be a mainboard swap, or not worth it.

Just curious if you were thinking an entire device swap, or if you’d be open to mainboard only.

If you can’t get any takers on a swap, it might also be worth trying to sell your 7640 board to someone looking to upgrade from an 11th gen (for instance), and then you could buy just the 7840 mainboard.

Ohh good question.
If there was an interested party I would be willing to do either a full device swap (minus say the expansion cards) or do just a main board swap.

I’ve also thought about just selling my main board and buying a 7840 one, just thought I would try this route first just in case.

For those who wish they bought the 7840u, what is your reasoning? I’m looking to get a 7640u in a few months and don’t want to have the same issue.

The only reason I’m looking to switch up to the 7840u is extra graphics cores.

As far as computing power goes the the 7640u is more than adequate for my needs, there’s just a few games I like to play regularly that almost perform well on the 7640u which I’ve seen run better on the 7840u.

Closing at OP’s request.