LTE Cat 4 Cell Modem Card

Yeah, pays to word queries so the meaning can’t be misinterpreted.

Is he already? I can find some threads talking about making one, but nothing concrete or one being made. I’m not entirely sure how to navigate towards finding the product you describe, but am looking for it. If you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

This thread is the place. There’s an e-shop link ^^^ and a link to the cellular technology provider’s website so you can assess which bands will be accessible in your jurisdiction ^^^^.

Just search back for Josh_Cook.


Josh Cook only makes a LTE card, which is roughly the same as 4G. There is no 5G expansion card anywhere from what I know. It probably also would be super expensive, the 4G card alone costs 160 AUD ($105 USD) plus potential taxes.

I would 100% buy this!

link is somewhere up there

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Is T-Mobile also in the offing?

that shit was in october and we have the final product in production now

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He is no longer selling a modem card.
The current card is a different design by a different person.

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