LTO tape drive interface and use on various OSs

I would like to run my LTO tape drive on the Framework. On an AMD bench box, I have used Linux and windows, with an expensive and hot card(s) sas, etc. LTO 5 and 6 tapes, 2 tape machines.
I recently found I did not need to order a eGPU adapter, and a gpu card to run unrelated game on this laptop (wow).
Will said egpu card thing run my Hp and (I forget, maybe tandberg) SAS cards in it? I was hoping to find a usb c or thunderbolt or LTO adapter, but only find (apple mac (shudder)) stuff mentioned recently in that realm) .
So a Framework to LTO tape drive interface, if it makes sense to anyone.
This is linear tape, not spinning head DAT, etc.

Thanks, randomuser. That is where I had just come from, seeing recent October posts. Was hoping someone here might be into it. I have an SAS and a fiber card, two machines. Take a big box and lots of power to just use casually. I was hoping an egpu card to be proven to work with the Framework before ordering one, and being sure I wasn’t tossing 300 bucks to the birds.