M2 Skins for Framework Laptop 13

Hello there !

I recently ordered a skin for my Framework Laptop 13.

I had a crush on a skin from M2 Skins (https://m2skins.com/). I loved the “metalic blue” color.

The true color is hard to render on a photo since it changes a lot with the lighting conditions.

The installation went fine. Just stretch a little bit the vinyl to each corner and then make it stick with the supplied tools.

The hardest part was getting them cross the atlantic ocean. :sweat_smile:

Happy to answer questions !


That’s an awesome look! I’ve always hated the idea of stickers on my laptop (I like a clean look), but I’ve also always wanted something that “stands out.” Headed for their site now to see if they have something similar for my hopefully-soon-to-be-delivered '16 model. :smile:

EDIT: Hm, no Framework-specific skins there. :slightly_frowning_face: Not sure I’d want to experiment with the new laptop.

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Currently, they only have skins for the framework 13. (Framework - M2 Skins)

I had a quick chat with the support team. They cut them on the fly, just before shipping.

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