Mac OS-like shortcut keys on Pop_OS/Ubuntu

I come from 15 years of software development on a Mac, and I’d like my framework laptop (and Pop!_OS) to behave as much like a Mac as I can (for creature comfort’s sake). If you have a similar background, or would like to try what an Ubuntu-like system might be like if the keyboard shortcuts were more Mac OS-like, you’re welcome to give Meta Mac a try:

It’s just a first release, so don’t expect the world :slight_smile:


After writing the above, with pointers from others, I discovered keyd, which does everything my code does and more. I highly recommend it.

Here is a simple config that does what meta-mac does:

leftalt = layer(macmeta)

` = M-S-tab
a = C-a
b = C-b
c = C-insert
d = C-d
e = C-e
f = C-f
g = C-g
h = C-h
i = C-i
j = C-j
k = C-k
l = C-l
m = C-m
n = C-n
o = C-o
p = C-p
q = C-q
r = C-r
s = C-s
t = C-t
u = C-u
v = S-insert
w = C-w
x = S-delete
y = C-y
z = C-z
left = home
right = end

similar background to yours, thanks for the link to keyd! As someone who remaps Caps Lock → Ctrl, the thing I’m having the most trouble with is not locating the Fn key in the bottom left corner of the keyboard. It’s not a muscle memory thing, it’s just that keys on the edges are easier to find haptically than other keys and the corners especially so.

Anyways, my research suggests the Fn key can’t be remapped (xev doesn’t report it) but if anyone stumbles on a hack to remap it or approximate remapping I’d love to hear it…

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Yes, I believe you’re right. I tried sudo keyd -m (monitor mode) and tried pressing the fn key, but the kernel seems unaware of any keypress.

Edit: I wonder if framework has open source firmware that would allow access to remapping this key?

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For anyone else reading, it turns out fn and ctrl can be swapped in the bios!


Indeed WRT to the fn and ctrl swapping.

I am curious though, is the built in customize keyboard functionality not enough to get what you are looking for?

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Wow, you literally read my mind on this one. Exactly the interception plugin I was looking for initially. And now I just discovered keyd as a bonus :exploding_head:. Thanks for this !


This isn’t exactly on topic, but, anyone having luck getting pinch-to-zoom to work like it does on macOS? I’m using Wayland and haven’t had any luck… being able to really zoom in on images easily is something I miss.

Pinch to zoom is working for me in Pop OS with Wayland, but it seems to be application-dependent. It works in firefox, not on the desktop, for example. I have the resolution set to max and zoom turned on, frequently using the keyboard shortcuts (windows-alt +/-) to zoom in and out globally.

I keep hearing people describing it as working on their machines, but it’s just horrible for me. I wonder what I could be doing differently? Also using Pop (21.04) + Wayland. I’m mainly concerned with getting it to work in Firefox, and have spent time playing with the about:config settings there… and really I just made it worse.

@Charlie_Roberts This might be worth a new thread. I’d be interested in following along. You can @ tag people you think may be interested.

I just published a summary of everything I learned on this topic: Key Remapping in Linux — 2021 Edition | by Duane Johnson | Medium

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