Machining scratches on laptop lid

Has anyone received their 3rd batch DIY laptop with machining scratches on the lid? I received mine on Friday Oct 1st but am just today setting it up and when I took it out of the box I noticed the scratches. This is the best picture I could get of it.

It didn’t let me add a second image, in the post, with an edit surrounding the scratches so here it is.

Hi Rodrigo, that is definitely unexpected. Could you double check if you take a lens cloth and ideally a little lens cleaning solution, if those will buff out?

Hi @nrp I’m sorry I thought I added that to the post but I guess I forgot. I did try that out since I thought it was just smugged, but sadly it does not buff out.

Was this a delivery issue? Was there signs of damage to the box?

The cool part is that (if it really bothers you) you can swap out the lid for a new one instead of the fuss of a return.
Now if only that Market Place would open… :thinking:

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@Josh_Cook There was no sign of damage at all on/in the box. FedEx was nice to me on this delivery and didn’t throw it on the steps.

@henrytr Honestly, it only bothers me because now that I saw it, I can’t un-see it. I mainly created a post just wondering if other people have also received their laptop with that “damage”. If the market place was up and running I would buy a replacement one in a heart beat. Also, as a programmer, I know what it takes to get that up and running, but as a consumer I am impatiently waiting for it to open too :joy:

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Ah yes, the curse of knowledge. I’m going to look for that defect as well when my #batch4 arrives.

Interesting, I have a framework now and there are scratches around the same position.