Magnetic Charging expansion Card

I have read a few threads on magnetic charging adapters here, but they all seem to use a 34mm USB C extender, which doesnt seem to be available anymore. Shouldnt it be possible to make an extension card without an adapter, but with a bit of soldering?
There was this youtube video (Prototyping Framework Laptop Expansion Cards - YouTube) where the host did that for usb 2, but what exactly would you need for a usb pd port?
It wouldnt have to carry data, since it would be connected to a charger as far as I know. Do you know which pins are needed for usb pd power negotiations?

The prototype expansion cards also support USB3 data. If you just need power (which honestly is safer, as you don’t need to worry that much about killing data lines with ESD) you’d need at least VCC, GND, and both CC lines. You’ll probably want more than 4 pins so you can reverse the connector and so you can supply power over multiple pins at the same time for less resistance.

This seems doable. If I have the magnetic charger connected to the Card permanently, I wouldnt have any use for data transmission.

Just put this together as a simple test and it works (at least mostly). There seems to be a Bad connection somewhere but These are really cheap usb connectors I just had lying around.
I also dont have my framework to test it, but it worked with my usb pd soldering iron so I have high hopes

I’m pretty sure your supposed to solder onto the larger breakout pads and not the port pins directly…

I wouldn’t want to be running 20v 3A through those tiny solder joints that’s for sure…

I know I am supposed to solider to the pads, but on These Boards there are no pads for the cc lines, so I went to the Pins directly. As for the wire, the blue wire is definitly to thin to run anny current trough it, but the White and Orange wire are thicker and should be fine. That said, this was only to test, whether this would work at all or if I have to Do something else.

Ooof that sucks (/me makes note to double-check any breakouts I order in future)