Magnetic Personality

Fun story. I’ve been happily running my AMD FW13 without any significant problem. I started testing the 6.10 kernel on Fedora and I started having problems with the laptop not allowing more than one display at a time. I went through all the feelings and troubleshooting fun before realizing, I had my wife’s old Mac Air on the laptop stand (she is now on a FW13 as well) to back it up, update it and put it up for sale/donation/whatever. It turns out the magnets that both the FW13 and the Mac use for lid state (or whatever) seem to align almost perfectly when stacked on each other to trick the FW13 into thinking I had closed the lid. It took me readjusting the FW13 to realize what was going on. A reminder to myself that sometimes it’s just me, not the OS or the firmeware or hardware. Just…me.