Manufacturing starts on the new Framework Laptop in Taiwan

Really looking forward to seeing this dream laptop Made in Taiwan could finally ship to Taiwan.


If you build everything in Taiwan why it’s not possible to buy in Japan what very close or even in Taiwan itself?

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Physical distance isn’t the issue. Registering a business that work in those areas, tax etc. Warranty.

The same goes for countries adjacent the EU or Mexico they don’t have access yet.


How many?

The redesign costs would be quite significant so there would have to be a good market and I imagine the 13.5" is pushing it a bit with the new Gen12.

In many countries you shouldn’t do it, you can just send a laptop by mail. Japan even supports parallel imports.
Many Linux laptop vendors do it.


Framework has stated in the past that they want to be sure that all their logistics and guides are available in new countries before they can sell to them. While it is possible for them to “just send a laptop in the mail” they want to have useful resources like native language guides, local logistics, and proper warranties and support, which is what takes time.

Yes that’s the easy part but it may get stuck due to paper work at customs and then not arrive and Fairphone can be expected to provide the proper tax requirements via each countries routines.

And of course there’s the warranty as mentioned.

If a consumer wants to take the risk they can import a laptop at their own risk but then can’t really expect Framework to sort out any logistic issues, nor provide a warranty.

I’m so happy that the Framework Laptop is going to be made in Taiwan.


Hi Tim and welcome to the forum

The original was built in Taiwan so that hasn’t changed, but some parts are made in PRC

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I would love a 17in with more ports and a number pad. Being able to add a dgpu would also help keep the hardware useful longer.

Please see related topic else this will just become full of wants

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I’m pretty sad to hear I won’t be getting a frameworks laptop in Taiwan any time soon. Especially knowing that the factory is only a few hours’ drive from where I live! I’ve lived in Taiwan for 12 years and understand the local culture very well. There are so many opportunities to expand here!

If there is any way I could assist in making this a reality, please let me know!


Where can I find a list of manufacturing changes/improvements from the last version to this latest version of the Framework, Intel 12th Gen version ??? (other than the intel 12gen parts changing)

Have you not seen


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Great that manufacturing starts in Taiwan. When are you planning to start shipping to Australia? It’s been almost a year and there is no ETA or seriousness in addressing whether you plan to take Australians seriously.

There are a few schools that signed up to reducing plastics in oceans. They’re keen on laptops like Framework . They’ll bulk order if you want.

But again there is literally nothing being addressed for Australians.

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Hi Jimmy and welcoem to the forum

:rofl: Not to wind you up but there are lots of ‘nations’ etc. that Framework don’t have the infrastructure to work in, so why take Australians more seriously that say Taiwanesse or many Europen countries.

I’m sure given it’s business they are doing what they can to make a profit and get their product out to the whole world it’s going to take time and it’s their time to take :frowning:

Don’t forget if you want a bulk order you could arrnage via someone or a business in the US or the EU or the UK, but you will have to take a lot more responsibilty if things go wrong.

It’s a nice computer, as far as I am concerned, others disagree. You may be better of waiting for some glitches to be ironed out.

I would not give it 100% pass or recomend it. I would mention it and say it’s the best I every had but I’m doing this for the ride I could use any computer to do what I want and I’m not a believer in sustainability etc. I like the modular idea, the expansion ports, but I don’t really use them much.

Two USB C for power > It’s nice to be able to decide which side to have the cable comming out
One 256 memory extension
One slot for and SD card but the SD card doesn’t go all the way in so it’s only a temporary use and very rare. Good job I got the 256 as I had intended having an SD card permanently onboard.

AH! the pains of having money to buy consumer goods and then taking responsibility for my descions.

But back to Australia. OK so you are telling forum users you are unhappy ?? Have you emailed Framework ??

HI and welcome to the forum.

Nice short post, almost too short, but I just about totally agree with someone, which is very unusual :slight_smile:

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there was batch of shipping expected in July for 12th Gen ? May we know tentatively which week it is starting as we are close to mid of July already

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Not sure exactly when they will ship, but I’m in the first batch for the 12th Gen, and I just got the ‘we are preparing to ship’ email earlier.


I’m in Taiwan and I am unable to buy it. It’s so common for things built here to not be made available for sale here. Yet I know there is a market for it.

What can be done about this general trend?