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Blank + function keys

Soo… I broke my original keyboard trying to switch around the keys to the dvorak layout. However, in the process, I figured out the technique to removing the keys without breaking the stupid, tiny, fragile plastic bits inside each keys.

I ordered the blank keyboard as a replacement, and decided to DIY it by moving the function-row keys from my first keyboard to the blank one. Honestly, I’m really happy with how it turned out. There’s no way I would remember that f7 is brightness, f10 is the airplane mode etc. Even if I did, I don’t have the muscle memory to correctly press f5 without counting the keys.

Anyways, if you decide to try this yourself, you can start with some of the prior art from our other community members:

Advice for removing the keycaps

I actually found the top row buttons easier to remove (or maybe because I figured out the technique by then), but again - you have to be really precise and delicate to do it correctly without breaking the keys.

That said, it’s pretty repeatable once you get the technique down. The main idea is that there are two plastic clips at the top of each key that you need to pop out. What worked for me was to start with the spudger at the top of each key. You can feel with the spudger where the supports are because you can’t push the tool in as far in that spot. That’s where you want to aim the spudger at it, either perpindicular or angled. The image below shows both options - the left one is straight down and the right one is angled inwards

Then, what I did was to gently twist the spudger (like if you were twirling a pencil). This provides the leverage to gently rock the clips out.

What you want is to hear a small, gentle click on each side as the clips pop out. Then you can lift the key from the bottom and remove it. Be gentle!!! If the key isn’t cooperating, just skip it and move to the next key. Come back to it later and it’ll probably cooperate then.

When I broke keys it was because I was being impatient. They tops weren’t unclipping so I added more and more force. Instead, you should change the angle of the spudger or the twisting technique etc. Once it’s in the right place you don’t need a lot of force.


Who wants to build a “chess-board” keyboard with the blank & transparent keys? I think that could look cool too! Maybe next time I get bored with the current looks of the laptop (or god forbid break this one too)


Thanks to @Anil_Kulkarni for the inspiration:


I’ve got the blank keyboard, and while it’s a serious adjustment period, it’s been almost 8 months, and I’ve got the function keys down. The number keys are honestly the more difficult part.

Any difficulties I’ve had with it are totally worth the mind-blown moment that most people have upon seeing it the first time though, and I love the aesthetic.

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Just installed the ansi clears and no longer tricking my brain up by typing on qwerty keys with a workman layout. I had the same thought as @Adam_Valverde that my brand new keyboard had broken LEDs on the spacebar, and the fn keys are going to take some getting used to, but with the gray bezel, it looks fantastic.

I’m loving it!

Edit: it took way longer than expected to install according to the guide, there are nearly 100 tiny screws, and some of them are a major pain. Two of the black and one of the silver keyboard screws stripped. 97% reinstalled hardware doesn’t leave me worried though.