Marketplace keyboards - Show us your install!

Hey everyone. I noticed Framework stocked the blank keyboards and top cases. I went ahead and ordered the whole top cover so I can keep the other as a spare.

First: The install was super easy. Five bottom screws out, a lift of the top case, and a firm pull on the top case cable gets the old one off. Reverse the steps for the new top case. All in all it takes less than 5 minutes.

Ordering the keyboard on its own is substantially more involved, but didn’t look terribly difficult - it just seems more time consuming.

Here is the final result:

I love the look. Its bright out, but the backlight looks like it’s going to display the edges in the dark. I touch type (and regularly use a blank HHKB) so having no legends is fine with me (plus it looks cool).


Usually not a fan of blank layouts but this looks really clean.

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It looks great! Very slick.

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Love it!

I’d love to see the clear one in use. Also, now that the blank keyboard is available, I’m holding my breath for a black cover and touchpad. An all-black setup would be fantastic. I feel comfortable spray painting the cover, but not the power button or touchpad, so I’ll wait to see what comes available.

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@thearctican It’s trippy seeing a keyboard with no markings. Looks cool.

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I’m interested in seeing what people do with the clear keyboard. I’ve just received mine today, but honestly could use helpers on a few keys (like the function keys and some symbols).

I know stickers aren’t a great option, and I can’t do anything fancy with coloured lighting, so any ideas are welcome before I start the long install.

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Easy swap. Had to reprogram my fingerprints. Otherwise works as expected. Keys have a silicone/rubber-y feel but they’re still comfortable and my typing muscle memory has no issue so far.


@obfuscurity looks great!! How is it in the dark with the backlight? Does the light shine across the whole key?

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That does look cool!

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Love the look (while my clear keyboard sits in its box still) and still trying to figure out my design strategy.

My issue is that I need the function keys and a few of the symbols. With three laptops and an external keyboard I get crossed up regularly. Otherwise, muscle memory is perfect for the non-variable keys.

I’d also like a little colour.

I’m thinking if I have a template that just exposes the tops of the keys, I can lightly spray the keys with something matching my bezel (to be orange). Before that, I can apply symbol stickers to the keys I need (and peel them off after spraying, to expose a clear symbol).

Dunno if that makes sense. But it could be fun if it worked.


@obfuscurity there is only one LED in the spacebar? Thanks for the pictures, looks sweet!

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Yes, where the keyboard backlighting symbol exists on the bar. Presumably they’re using the same components for the rest of the keyboard assembly and just swapping the keycaps.

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Is that referring to their surface or the travel/feedback? Do they feel different than the standard keyboard?

Also - sick! Mine is on the way too.

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I’m referring to the surface feeling of the keycaps only. As mentioned previously, I believe the rest of the components are the same.

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Yeah I just installed my clear ansi not knowing this. Pretty bummed about the space key, was expecting it to fully light up. I get it, limited constraints on manufacturing but it looks broken.


So I just installed my clear keyboard and it went mostly smooth. The only real problem I ran into is that two of the silver screws that hold the keyboard in were stripped from the factory. I had a heck of a time getting them removed since the screwdriver would just spin free on top of those ones. I got lucky in that both of them were on the edges of the board so in the end I could just slip the old keyboard out from under them, and then I used a pair of needle nose pliers to very carefully unscrew the old screws (which I then discarded so as not to try to put them back in). Any idea if it’s possible to get replacement screws somehow? I know there’s one that’s included in the case, but since two of them were stripped I’m still short one.

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I couldn’t get the French Canadian keyboard with the DIY kit, so I bought it from the marketplace in extra and installed it myself. The extra Ù key and the ISO layout return key are a nice addition, and unlike my old MacBook Pro it fits the same top case as the original layout instead of needing a separate one.

I bought the keyboard alone instead of the input cover kit, so I had to remove a lot of tiny screws to get the original keyboard out. Thankfully while long, the process went smoothly.


Not sure what you could do about the power button, but if you painted the cover and got a dbrand skin for the touchpad I think you could just about make your dreams come true! (I am realizing as I finish this response that your post is from November, but I just found the thread now, so take this belated advice!)

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So I was considering that, but watched a bunch of videos to see if it has that plastic/rubbery feeling, which would drive me mad.

Honestly, I’m not 100% on this touchpad regardless. I keep missing the buttons. It looks fancy, I’m sure it’s super cool. But I’m sort of waiting for the boring old kind with giant, dumb buttons.

One more thing on the eventual upgrade list :wink: Truthfully, there’s a pleasure in imagining how I’d make my laptop more mine, even if it’s just wishful thinking for the moment.