Matching Mouse Recommendations

So I like the silvery case of the Framework, and I’m thinking I might as well get a new mouse to go with a shiny new Framework laptop, but haven’t seen any in the marketplace - so I thought I’d ask, does anyone have a recommendation for a mouse that looks and feels like it matches the Framework? I’d love some recommendations!

(Also as an aside - ever thought of a modular upgradable mouse? Like, take out a side slot and add gaming buttons, swap the wheel for a bidirectional scroller, etc. Probably not worth it, because the parts themselves aren’t as expensive as the circuit board inside, but if it were a profitable venture it would be cool. As a plus, build its dongle into another expansion card - maybe double up on a port, if possible.)

Hello Nathan,

I only found this Set made by Cherry.

I think its made from Aluminum but it loks like it is.