Matte Display Installed and now Dim Screen

After installing the matte display (framework 13 DIY, Windows), the screen is now set on a very low brightness and I can barely see anything. I can tell the screen is on, but it is not bright enough to navigate the OS so I can troubleshoot. Before I started the display swap I made sure the screen brightness was set to maximum in windows. Using the on keyboard display brightness buttons does not increase display brightness. What are my options besides having to wait until nighttime? And yes I have forced a restart and there was no change, The screen is now extremely dim after the display swap.

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If you swap back the original display, do you get your normal brightness range back (This is to confirm the display cable connector didn’t get damage during the swap, and is still good. Meaning the only thing changed is the matte panel)? If so, then you might need to give Framework Support a call about the matte panel.


Update: I connected the laptop to an external display and I was able to access the computer. I checked all the relevant display and brightness settings and could not find any issues. I then installed the old glossy display and it works correctly with no issues. I have PC building experience and there was no error in my initial installation, I believe that I have received a faulty part.

Sounds like the backlight might be completely defective.
I’d contact support!

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my laptop arrived the display is dim and probably defective


This is probably not the best topic as this was about a swapped display.

You don’t say
i) What laptop you have CPU and OS
ii) You don’t say what screen you have, Glossy, Matt

You clearly should contact support officially.

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its a 13 inch 7040 mat display its the diy addition

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