Max Output Resolution - External Monitor

Hello - What is the max output resolution of the DIY laptop? I’m running a 49" ultrawide at 5120 x 1440 via USB-C directly out from my current laptop. Will this be achievable with the DIY laptop?

For background, I’m currently running a Surface Pro 7 with a single USB-C cable connected to an LG 49WL95C-WE.

Ideally, I’ll be able to direct-connect to this same monitor without the use of any type of hub.


@Jeff_Thomas your monitor should be fine. We have tested up to 5k resolution monitors. And the processor should support up to a single 8K monitor using HBR3.

Since you are using usb-c directly should be no issue.
As a note - the HDMI expansion card does not support 8K.


I assume the DisplayPort alt mode is the common 1.4a version, not the new 2.0a one that was announced last year for eventual use in USB4?

Yes, DisplayPort 1.4, which is good for 8K 60Hz.


To clarify further on @nrp’s behalf, the limitation is not the result of actions taken by Framework, rather it is a limitation of the chipset itself.

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Interesting. So there is no point in making a HDMI 2.1 or a DP 2.0 expansion slot until a newer mainboard is released with a new chipset that can handle those speeds. Am I reading that correctly?

Another thought, if the expansion slots are using USB-C, assuming they are Thunderbolt 4 (I have no idea if they are), Thunderbolt 4 maxes out at 40 Gb/s. HDMI 2.1 is 48 Gb/s and DP 2.0 is 80Gb/s so I don’t think expansion slots would work even if the chipset supported it.

The exception here would be if the chipset supports DSC, which I believe it does since it is claiming 8K @ 60 hz over DP 1.4, which is only possible with DSC. Maybe someone at Framework can confirm this.

I believe 8k60 would use DSC, which is supported by 11th Gen Core Processors. DP 2.0 would not be possible on these CPUs, but could be on future platforms. HDMI 2.1 would depend on availability of a DP to HDMI bridge that supports it.