Maximum Screen Tilt

What is the maximum tilt of the Framework 16 screen without a GPU (90 degrees being fully vertical, 180 degrees being open flat)? I have been using 2-in-1 laptops for the past few years and have settled into a use-case where I typically have the laptop open roughly 160-170 degrees. Can the 16 be opened that wide, or does its hinge design prevent it from going far beyond 90 degrees?

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We don’t know yet. Full details on the Framework-16 haven’t been released. So at this point you’d have to guess based on the videos and pictures. I’m sure we’ll know closer to when it becomes available for sale.

Without a GPU, it does look like there is nothing stopping it from opening a full 180°.
I would be very surprised if it can’t, based on this released picture.

Yeah, I’ve seen those pics and it does appear that there is nothing external to prevent it opening as far as I’d want. I’ve looked at a lot of other 15/16 inch laptops in the store with similar hinge design, though, and most of them seem to have limiters of one type or another. Was hoping someone from Framework could shed some light, but guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Framework advertises a 155° hinge, although based on released images it looks like it can open 180° (at least without a graphics module, with a graphics module it might be less).

IIRC with the Framework 13 the hinge could open 180°, however past around 155° it struggled to hold the weight of the screen and fell to 180°. I suspect the Framework 16 may be the same.

I have the Framework 16 with the graphics card, and I’m measuring the screen open to 152° relative to the horizontal.

If I measure relative to the keyboard, it opens to 154°.

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