May's Framework Firework

Hello, everyone,

It is time to announce May’s Framework Firework! What is a Framework Firework you may ask? Well, great question! It is our version of a Community Spotlight where we select a member each month to showcase for being helpful and kind!

In this month’s Spotlight, we are pleased to announce will be going to @lightrush

So, let’s all congratulate Lightrush and thank them for being so helpful in the community!


Check this out if you want to see why!!

Thanks for all you do, @lightrush! :grinning:


Congrats @lightrush! It’s so great to have all your knowledge shared here and on the subreddit! I may not be a Linux user yet, but when I do I’ll be referencing all the great information that you’ve shared with the community!


Oh wow, I didn’t expect this whatsoever! Thank you for the recognition. I hope we can keep on making the whole Framework package better, however we can! I hope the whole team and @nrp keep keeping up the good work. After all we’re all invested, some more than others. :sweat_smile:


Woot woot! Great idea Framework and thanks for the awesome support and can-do happiness lightrush!