Mechanical/electrical specs for touchpad module

The GitHub repo has specs for “input modules” but I couldn’t find any documentation for the module that holds the touchpad. We’ve had requests here for blank touchpad modules, and I’d personally like to replace the touchpad with physical mouse buttons for a trackpoint mod.

Will the mechanical and electrical specs for the “lower” input modules (touchpad and spacers) be released, and if so is there a timeline for that release?


Yes, this is on our TODO list. There are definitely some interesting possibilities for new Touchpad modules, and it’s easier on Framework Laptop 16.


In another thread it was mentioned that the rails might complicate building modules which span the upper and lower input areas; I’d be interested in mechanical drawings detailing that issue as well. (I’ve got a candidate thinkpad keyboard on order that I’d like to try to retrofit, and although I’m not certain of its dimensions it’s at least possible the integrated mouse buttons might overlap the bottom area, so I might actually be trying to build a “double height” input module when all is said and done.)

Filed an issue of github to track this, which has a few bits of information I’ve collected from other threads here.