Mechanical NumPad expansion card

I’m currently exploring the possibility of creating a numpad expansion card but I need more experienced people to give me ideas. I will more than likely use hotswap sockets. Are there any mechanical keyboard nerds that could help me.


As opposed to using a USB keypad?

This will be a built in one that uses the expansion card.

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I feel like this would take up a lot of space on the laptop’s side, probably blocking both of the card slots. Any plans to include a pass through for one of the slots so that you can still have that third card in addition to this pad?

I would be concerned about port durability. I think the “slides” are aluminum, sure, but how much stress do you think they could take? It might need to take two slots to keep stable when being moved, and if it shouldn’t be moved, then perhaps a USB form factor would suffice. This is all assuming it’s “hard=mounted”.

If it’s on a cable anyway, it might be difficult to remove regularly for storage or portability. I don’t mean to tear down your idea mate, but as USB one might suffice for most use-cases…

Yep I’ll do a pass through with some extra ports along with the USB-C.

You shouldn’t “hard-mount” anything larger/heavier than a thumbdrive to a port. Granted, the expansion card provide additional leverage, but I don’t think anything larger than a custom Dpad should be an hard mount.

A custom USB mechanical numpad keyboard would be very nice for accountants (me not included).
Sure, you can have a custom cable ending with a housing that fit in a expansion slot (to reduce clutter). That will be rather clumsy (however not so if the housing can be removed to become a regular USB-C plug)