Media Keys with Chromium PWA on Fedora

I’m struggling to get my media keys working on Fedora. I generally use YouTube Music as a PWA through Chromium, so that I can open it separately with its own desktop entry. The dream is that I would be able to play/pause/skip music using the f4-f6 keys, but I have had little luck. It certainly seems like applications recognize these keys (when I try to bind a keyboard shortcut in XFCE, it recognizes the play/pause key as a valid key, for example).

In the past, I’ve used the StreamKeys Chromium extension to get global hotkeys working, but it seems that extension has stopped working (and/or has been hijacked? There’s some drama on its issue tracker I haven’t followed too closely). I also tried using chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling, but to no avail.

Has anyone gotten this working?

Obligatory information
OS: Fedora 39, XFCE + i3
Model: Framework 13 AMD

Sometimes asking for support is like asking if anyone can find mustard in the fridge…

I’ve had good luck with this extension :slight_smile: