Mediatek RZ616 wifi speed issue

I created a post and it was closed with no reason given.

I am trying to solve the issue of extremely slow WiFi.

My fw 13 downloads at about 10% of the speeds as my desktop.

There is another post on the issue here in the forum but it did not help me and is no longer active with no one responding to my questions.

Any help greatly appreciated.

A few questions:

  • Which operating system are you using on your 13?
  • What types of wifi (a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be) does your hub provide?
  • Can you tell which of those your laptop is using?

Any additional information you can provide would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

It was closed because it was crossposting - actually it was merged into an existing thread you posted the same information in. You’re creating a thread with the exact same information as a previous longer thread with more posters and more information.

We’re sorry the previous thread didn’t work for you and your post didn’t get any responses, but we can’t control that. However if everyone made their own thread for the same issue it would be chaos around here. How would anyone find any information at all? Which thread would be the most definitive?

Don’t take it personally - we’re not trying to minimize your issue, we’re trying to organize it so all the information about the issue is in the same thread. Since the solutions in the other thread didn’t work for you, maybe you’ve found an edge case and maybe if a solution is found it will benefit others. Maybe there is no solution - which is unfortunate but sometimes this happens. But if these issues and solutions are scattered all over, with several threads going on simultaneously presenting different solutions or discovering the same ones, or if threads die out and new ones start later, it makes it very difficult for everyone else to sort this out in order to get help themselves. Which thread is the most definitive? It ends up duplicating effort and diluting knowledge.

We can’t catch this all the time because it’s hard to know if it’s the exact same issue that’s going on in two simultaneous threads. But sometimes we do and we should make an effort at least to try to bring some order here.

I know you’re frustrated, but hopefully you can see these points.

Normally we’d merge this thread into an existing one, but we’ll keep this up as an exception. Please don’t make a habit of it though.

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Thanks for the response.

I am using windows 11.

When I log in to my router it says that my laptop is using Wi-Fi 4 2.4GHz

For Wi-Fi standard it has Wi-Fi 4 (802.11g+n)

There is also an option in a drop down menu for Wi-Fi 4 (802.11b+g+n)

My router is the Fritz!Box 6591 Cable.

It says in the specs for the router ;

Wi-Fi networks compliant with 802.11ac (up to 1733 Mbit/s gross; 5 GHz) and 802.11n (up to 800 Mbit/s gross; 2.4 GHz)

Compatible with Wireless 802.11g and a

Dual Wi-Fi 5 + 4 for simultaneous operation in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands

I know that my phone connects to the wi-fi 2.4GHz as well as the 5GHz band wi-fi 5 standard, switching between them as allowed by the router.

However the FW13 does not.

ok, thanks for clarifying.

Thanks, that is all helpful.

The first step is to measure what kind of speed you’re getting right now, so you can definitively tell if a change improves or degrades that speed. I like for that kind of thing; you may have a different one that you prefer. Doesn’t matter which one you use, so long as you use the same one in all subsequent tests so the results are directly comparable.

Since you have another system (your desktop) that operates at full speed with that router, presumably also over wifi, the problem has to be with the laptop itself. The next question is, is it hardware or software?

The easiest way to figure that out is to create a “live USB” drive with a different OS on it. Once you’ve created the drive, boot your FW13 into Ubuntu with it and select the try-it-out option (instead of the install-it option) when prompted. Then run your speed test again within Ubuntu and see if it is significantly different.

If your speeds are much better under Ubuntu, then the problem is with your Windows installation, likely a driver problem. Reinstalling the Windows wifi driver would be the most likely solution in that case.

However, if your speeds are about the same under Ubuntu, then the problem has to be hardware-based. The first things I’d try would be opening up the FW13, re-seating the network card, and making sure that the antenna wires are firmly connected when you’re done.

If none of that improves your speeds, you may have to contact Framework support and give them all of that information. They may have further tests you can run, or might know of another solution.

Do you have an option to split the bands? That’s what I have setup in my network and speeds+range are fine.

I’ll look into that. Thanks for the response.

Thank you, I will try this first chance I get.

I appreciate your help.

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Can I just say this wifi card has god like driver support in TailsOS ?

Idk whats going on there, but install on usb and use the unsafe browser(without tor) for your daily browsing

So I have not had a chance do to the live usb test you mentioned but I did change my router to only use wifi 5 and then run the speedtest on my desktop (cable not wifi), the framework and my phone (Honor Play).

The framework was really, really bad!!

Attached are the speeds and you can see what I mean.


Test in live usb of tails, i got like 500mb on ubuntu and 800/900 in tails

OK, so this is a little embarrassing…

I just found out it is an issue with the signal strength from my router.

I tested the speeds in my lounge room and then went to the room where the router is and ran the test right next to the router and the download speed went from 48Mbps in the lounge room to 842Mbps next to the router.

Thanks all for your help.

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