Medium sized trackpad module for 16 inch framework laptop

Suggesting a medium sized trackpad module that could be placed on the side of a keyboard, similar to the Asus Zenbook Pro. This would allow for an entire half of the input deck to be used entirely for modules such as second displays and sliders.

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The bottom half of the Framework 16 doesn’t really support standard modules, as it’s smaller and has the electrical connection on a different relative position. Adding other stuff to it than a trackpad would require serious DIY.


Would it then be possible to make a keyboard and trackpad that are 1 module and could fit in the lower half, or is the lower half too small for a full size keyboard.

Lower section is too small. You could not fit the F1 - F12 function keys, and it might not even fit the number keys. There is a row of connectors at the top of the bottom section.