Medium sized trackpad module for 16 inch framework laptop

Suggesting a medium sized trackpad module that could be placed on the side of a keyboard, similar to the Asus Zenbook Pro. This would allow for an entire half of the input deck to be used entirely for modules such as second displays and sliders.


The bottom half of the Framework 16 doesn’t really support standard modules, as it’s smaller and has the electrical connection on a different relative position. Adding other stuff to it than a trackpad would require serious DIY.


Would it then be possible to make a keyboard and trackpad that are 1 module and could fit in the lower half, or is the lower half too small for a full size keyboard.

Lower section is too small. You could not fit the F1 - F12 function keys, and it might not even fit the number keys. There is a row of connectors at the top of the bottom section.

I’d be up for a smaller trackpad module to the side - but I’d be putting blanking plate on the bottom half, or just disabling the lower trackpad in the OS. I’m constantly using my laptop in cramped conditions and the trackpad picking up wrist movements is annoying. Being able to ignore hand placement in the bottom section and having a trackpad to the side would be very helpful.

I’ve also thought that the “numpad”-sized module would be great for a touchpad, and @Hugues_L is on roughly the same page as well.

There’s also a bit of work on a numpad-sized display module, and I thought that combining the two might be interesting – basically a touchscreen that you could use as a touchpad, but which could also provide some visual feedback – so you could use it as a small digitizer tablet for drawing as well.