MicroSD card reader only works in 3 of 4 slots

I don’t know why this would be, but my MicroSD card reader doesn’t work in the right hand forward slot. It operates correctly in all the other 3 slots. I’d like to fix it if at all possible (since I wanted to move it into that slot today). Any help would be appreciated.

I’m running Linux (NixOS) but I don’t think it is OS specific because the card reader isn’t recognized as a boot medium when it is in that problematic slot. I seem to be able to boot off of it in any other slot.

I wasn’t able to find any BIOS setting that I thought might affect things.

Have you seen this? An Expansion Card bay on my laptop does not function correctly


This looks promising. I can confirm that if I plug the MicroSD card into the USB C in that slot, then it works oriented one way, but it doesn’t work oriented the other way. Next I have to open up my laptop.

After looking inside, I believe I already have the updated EMI shields.

I’ve fiddled around with the port. Sometimes I can get the MicroSD to load when plugged into the the USB-C expansion card in both orientations and sometimes it fails in both orientations.

Also I see now I have Linux messages on the console saying “usb usb2-port2: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?” before finally giving up with “usb usb2-port2: unable to enumerate USB device”.

So I have the similar symptoms to the EMI shield issue, but doesn’t seem to be it. Might just be a bad port. Though I don’t know why some other USB devices work.