Mini powerbank double expansion card or qi charging adaptor expansion card?

I’m not an engineer so I wouldn’t know where to begin to develop a cad for this but I am wondering about whether anyone has thought of designing a mini power bank that uses two expansion card slots (I presume one expansion slot would be too small) or a qi charging adapter to use in tandem with portable qi charging power banks? I don’t mind if it extends outside the chassis. It would be so useful if it could support even just half charge of the device when going from place to place. I’m constantly looking for an outlet to keep my laptop from draining during lectures and my peers keep tripping on my long charging cables. Also on flights when there isn’t an outlet to charge my device, I don’t want to tangle with cords while using a USB-C power bank. If it could at least sustains half the charge would be amazing.

I had thought before they fully released specs that they would have a battery option for the video card spot, cause that just makes sense, you have a big slot, so the plain cooling one should in my mind include some battery in there, that would be the ideal setup imo, and would solve your case I believe.

The FW 16 might have a battery bank in the expansion slot in the future.
For the FW13 there have been ideas to make a second bottom, that slots into expansion slots on both sides (one for mechanical stability), but I guess that market is just to small for anyone to do it.