Missing Module causes Keyboard and Trackpad to Fail

Hi, all. I am very happy with my new FW 16, but I decided to send my MacroPad back and buy a NumberPad. I sent the MacroPad off today, but I don’t have the NumberPad, yet. The Framework will let me log in after letting me know there’s a problem because the MacroPad is missing. Once logged in I cannot use the Trackpad or Keyboard. It may be some weeks before I get the new NumberPad. Any suggestions on how to set the Framework not to miss the MacroPad. I also lost my screwdriver already! If Framework doesn’t include a new screwdriver in the order for the NumberPad, what size is the head on the screwdrive so I can pusue finding a comparabe one to Framework’s.

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If any input module space is empty, then power is cut to all of the input module pins, as a safety feature to prevent accidental shorts of the exposed pins.

There is an option in the BIOS to override this safety feature. But I would recommend first covering the exposed pins with tape.

Framework will not include a screwdriver unless you ordered a replacement.

The size of the bits are listed as T5 and PH0.


I want to thank MJ1 for their assistance with my new Framework 16 Overkill. I am protecting the Pin in the space for the MacroPad while awaiting delivery of the NumPad, and was able to fumble my way into the correct Bios Setting. I am relieved to find that the Bios Setup and Setting seem to be working well as of now. And thanks for the screwdriver info. I did not mean I expected FW support to send me a freebie, but that I want to include it in the same shipment. Now, I realize I am going to order a couple of more USB-C connectors, so I will probably just add the screwdriver to that order. Anyway, big thanks.